Nodal Labs

Nodal Labs

A community powered freelance hiring platform run on the blockchain

A community powered freelance hiring platform run on the blockchain

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The Why

Nodal Labs is a freelance recruitment platform that fully automates the entire freelance hiring process. It is a seamless process from initial job search through to client and employee communication as well as automated timesheets and weekly automated payments. It also incorporates a skill validation feature where all users skills are peer validated and signed on the blockchain to improve openness and trust across the Nodal community. 

The UX/UI design and Nodal brand are seamlessly aligned to communicate a sense of community and trust combined with an intuitively designed user experience.  

CityAide is a mobile app that was created to facilitate the travel of persons with accessibility issues that are usually overlooked by other travel apps. From the beginning we set out to research and inform ourselves about the unique requirements of users with particualr accessibility requirements and mould the app around their needs.

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UX Considerations

In order to design the best possible user experience at Nodal we would gather insights and data from existing users, which allowed us to prioritise which features to design and build. One such feature was improving the UX of the edit profile page. We found from user feedback and analytics data that users were having some difficulties completing their profiles. Since user profiles is such an essential part of the product, it made sense to really focus on improving this. Low fidelity prototypes were designed and iteratively tested to understand how the UX could be improved. Gamification was introduced to provide some level of feedback and guidance to inform users of their profile completeness. Hi-fidelity prototypes were then made and iteratively tested until we were happy with the new UX. The final solution was a much more focused and guided user experience that meant that more profiles would be completed.


Illustration Style

Whilst working at Nodal I was also in charge of the house illustration style. Illustration is used across the platform to communicate a playful and approachable tone and connect with users on a personal level. Illustration was used a lot for emails that are sent to users to inform them of various important status changes.

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Empty State Illustrations

Illustration were also used for various empty states across the platform. These helped inform the user about why no information is currently displayed and what actions they might want to take.

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(+44) 7876474205

(+44) 7876474205